Additional Leadership Experience


K. Perry, “Synergistic Technology Development for 'Beyond Moore's Law' Testbeds and Detectors.” DOE (PI in 2016 & 2017 on a $719,000 field work proposal). 

B. Pivovar, S. Kocha, K. C. Neyerlin, J. Zack, S. Alia, A. Dameron, T. Olson, S. Pylypenko, J. Bult, B. Larsen, J. Leong, N. Aieta, and G. Bender, “Extended, Continuous Platinum Nanostructures in Thick, Dispersed Electrodes.” DOE (PI in 2012 and co-PI in 2010 & 2011 on $100,000 subcontract). 

F. H. Garzon, J.-M. Sansiñena, M. Wilson, J. Chlistunoff, I. Matanovic, N. Henson, and E. L. Brosha, “Science and Engineering of Durable Ultralow Platinum-Group Metal Catalysts.” DOE (co-PI 2011, 2012, and 2013 on $80,000 subcontract). 

N. J. Dudney, W. Tenhaeff, A. Sabau, S. Kalnaus, K. Perry, K. L.More, K. Hong, X. Yu, J. Anker, J. Mays, S. Deng, E. Herbert, G. Pharr, S. Paddison and B. Habenicht, “Tough Electrolytes for Batteries— Composites Inspired by Nature.” ORNL Laboratory Directed Research and Development (co-PI in 2010).

K. A. Perry, “Simulation of rigid-rod polymer backbone to measure interchain spacing of three polybenzimidazole chemical backbones protonated with phosphoric acid CNMS2009-R39.” Rapid Access at Center for Nanophase Materials Sciences (PI in 2009).

K. A. Perry, “Investigating Potential Structural Modifications In Phosphoric Acid-Doped Polybenzimidazole (PBI) Membranes During Freezing and Drying CNMS2007-R23.” Rapid Access at the Center for Nanophase Materials Sciences (PI in 2007).

K. A. Perry, “Gel morphology investigation of phosphoric acid (PA) doped sol-gel polybenzimidazole (PBI) membranes using TEM, SEM, and XPS 08_PerryK_01.” Shared Research Equipment (SHaRE) User Facility Research Proposal (PI in 2007).

Completed all but two courses for Federal Project Director Level I certification. List of recent courses completed:
  • 2016 DOE Project Management workshop, including Project Controls covering EVMS.
  • Level 1 Core Course: Project Management Systems and Practices in DOE.
  • DOE PMCDP Earned Value Management System (EVMS) course.
  • Contracting Basics FCN101 Section 302.
  • Training for Contracting Officer’s Representative (COR) CLC 222. 

Co-organized event for the Committee for Women at ORNL.

Treasurer of local Cadmium Iota Sigma Pi (national chemistry honor society) and local American Chemical Society (ACS) Women’s Chemist Committee, 1 year.

Organizer for graduate school Chemistry Department events—initiated over 6 events to build a stronger community in an ethnically diverse department (including a service event at a senior center).

Mentor for MentorNet, advised an undergraduate student at a different institution, 1 year.

Board Member for the Upper Hudson Association of Phi Beta Kappa, 1 year.

High school Class Treasurer, 2 years.

Vice President for high school Future Business Leaders and attended Connecticut Future Business Leaders of America Convention, 3 years.

Participant (by nomination) in high school Leadership club, 2 years. 

Counselor-in-Training, 2 years.

College club rugby athlete, 4 years.

High school athlete (softball-varsity, 3 years; weight lifting, 4 years; indoor track, 2 years.; cheerleading, 2 years.; and volleyball, 1 year).