Nominated for and completed 6-day intensive ORNL bootcamp for management training.

Selected to be 6th ORNL legislative fellow from 4,000 employees and also the earliest career researcher ever selected.

Hired directly out of graduate school because of exemplary performance during 3 years interning at a national laboratory and showing exceptional promise for future success (fast-tracked). 

Received National Excellence in Graduate Polymer Research award from the American Chemical Society.

Selected for National Science Foundation (NSF)-Integrative Graduate Education and Research Traineeship (IGERT) fellowship for interdisciplinary education in fuel cells (only ~30 students selected over 5 years).

Selected for graduate Higher Education and Research Experiences (HERE) program, multi-year internship to conduct research beyond the university setting.

Received DOE-BES research assistantship directly from undergraduate program in order to focus on advancing energy technology and based on previous teaching experience (fast-tracked).

Bachelors Degree: Graduated in top 10% of 895 graduating students (cum laude, 3.73 out of 4.0 GPA, completed 135.5 semester hours), Spanish minor.

Inducted into Phi Beta Kappa Honor Society (for intellectual integrity and tolerance for other views), only 75 students selected out of nearly 10,000 students (uncommon to be a Bachelor of Science major), also inducted into two other honor societies.

Received American Institute of Chemist Award (outstanding senior Bachelor of Science chemistry major).

Received Merck Index Award (outstanding juniors in chemistry).

Received leadership award for “Spirit of Service” (annual outstanding community service award for one student, selected from nearly 7,500 students).

Received Tim Shiner Ally Award (for commitment to work within the community in an effort to create social change), inaugural recipient, only student selected from nearly 10,000 students by diversity center.

High School: Graduated 7th in class of ~200 students.

Third place in class on the American High School Mathematics Examination (AHSME), 2 years.

Graduated from Young Leaders Program at Connecticut Army National Guard (Camp Rowland).

Received Dartmouth Book Award for Leadership.

Received Connecticut Board of Education Leadership award.

Selected to be a peer mediator in high school, 3 years.

Graduated from the State of Connecticut Wilderness School and attended follow-up programs, 3 years.

Received over 10 individual scholarships (from organizations such as the Lions Club, Kiwanis, firefighters, Vietnam veterans, and Elks).

Selected for high school National Honor Society, 2 years.